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Terms of Service

Delivery Guarantee: We will make every effort to deliver the NN to the account you ordered for, as soon as the payment is done processing. This is usually within 30 seconds, but may be longer if PayPal is overloaded or undergoing unplanned maintenance. If we cannot make delivery to your NuVera account, we will refund your payment to your original payment source in full, no fees deducted. If NN are not delivered in a timely manner, just email us for a prompt research and response about your order.

You may use this website to buy NN using only a payment method that you own and have permission to use. If you use a payment method that you do not have permission to use, be aware that the actual payment owner will be informed of your use of their money, and of your location. Using a payment method without the payment owner's permission with get your NuVera account banned, and may result in real life legal charges.

Don't buy NN for a NuVera user who is not expecting to receive the NN. If you must get NN to another user, buy the NN for your own NuVera account, and use the NuVera website gift tool to send it from your account to your friend's account.
You may use this website to sell NN from a NuVera Online account that you own and have permission to sell from. When selling you must specify a receiving PayPal account that you own and that is in good standing to receive payments. Do not specify someone else's PayPal account in order to send them money. Instead, specify the PayPal account you own, receive the payment, and use PayPal's send money tool to send from your account to your friend's account.

You must not use this website in any fraudulent way, with stolen bank cards or other stolen payment methods, or involing any hacked/compromised NuVera Online accounts. Do not misrepresent your name/address/phone/email during checkout, or your order could be delayed or canceled and refunded. Using accurate information allows our anti-fraud tools to quickly verfiy and approve your payment information.

Privacy Statement

We do collect basic information on your visit to this site. This includes what browser you're using, IP address, and what pages you visit on this site. This data is only used to improve the website and to provide better customer service. This information and your purchasing activity are kept private. We also collect your avatar name, and other information that is received from completed PayPal transactions. This includes your real name, address, phone number, and email address. NuVO Notes Exchange does NOT receive your credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or any financial information. Your name, address, phone number, and email are kept private. We will never announce that your avatar has purchased NN. We do NOT inform any other party of your NN purchases. We don't send spammy emails. We will never contact your address or phone unless there is a problem with your payment/order. However, if law enforcement or legal proceedings determine that fraudulent activity is taking place, minimal information may be disclosed to investigate and end that activity.